PMT Research spent 12 years and over a quarter of a million dollars, developing the unique process used to produce SILVACIN™. During the research phase we discovered that IONIC SILVER SOLUTIONS are far superior to Colloids for killing pathogens. This was further confirmed in many University Research studies and independent laboratory studies.

Today, SILVACIN™ is used in burn treatment, sanitizing surfaces, and as an anti-pathogenic in swimming pools and potable water are among its many applications. SILVACIN™ us also used to kill all viruses which cause a variety of respiratory problems such as flu.

Many producers of Colloids claim their products have tested as being effective in this field also. Let’s go back a few years or so and review colloids. At that time, most colloids were touted as 90% colloids and 10% ionic. If the colloids were effective, why did the manufacturers change their formulation to 75% colloidal and 25% ionic?

Wasn’t it be because they needed a higher percentage of ionic solution to kill pathogens? We believe so! 25% Ionic solution or 1/4 of the volume is certainly enough to kill any pathogen, and if you leave out the colloid, the ionic alone works just fine. Actually, 85% Ionic and 15% Colloid combination protects users from getting Argyria! That is why we have 15% Colloid in our formulation. Excess Ionic portions of the fluid will plate onto the colloid particles which are eliminated from the body. THIS IS WHY SILVACIN™ PREVENTS ARGYRIA!!!

This illustrates how careful PMT Research is to provide you with the absolute best anti-pathogenic, anti-viral solution possible. We make SILVACIN™ at 5 PPM as that strength is more than enough for oral use to kill any and all flu viruses.

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