What is the difference between a Colloid & an Ionic Solution? Merrill’s Modern Course in Chemistry clearly states:

Comparison of Solutions, Suspensions and Colloids (nm = nanometer)

Solution       <1 nm       Permanent
Suspension   >100 nm   Particles Settle Out
Colloid   <100 nm But >1 nm   Permanent

It is evident that ionic solutions contain much smaller particles than colloids. Many mistakenly maintain that ionic solutions cannot contain base metal where in fact, ionic solutions MUST have one atom of the base metal bonded to the solute.

Bonding to water, this provides the following: H6O3AG+ in the form of a Hydronium Ion. Calculation shows the physical size of a Hydronium Ion of silver to be 0.67 nm.

Action of Silver as an anti pathogenic material has been well known for centuries and during the 20th century was previously used medically with universally positive effects.

Silver is also used today to prevent the spread of legionella in hospitals by placing silver ions into potable water, by treating catheter surfaces with imbedded silver ions & in numerous other ways.

Dr. Ronald J. Gibbs, who prior to his death in 2000, was Director of the Center for Colloidal Science at the University of Delaware, published a book outlining his studies regarding of the efficacy of silver in killing a variety of pathogens.

Dr, Gibbs chose Pseudomonas Aeruginosa as the pathogen to use in testing the "kill rate" of silver solutions. His testing shows that silver ions are "used up" in killing pathogens, which indicate that re-treatment is a critical part of the treatment program when using silver solution.

The Following Schedule Can Be Used For Treating Any Pathogens Including Flu Viruses.

Silver Solution used: 5-PPM Ionic Silver Solution

Initial Dose: 1 Fluid ounce by mouth. Hold fluid in mouth for at least 3 minutes and slosh around like a mouthwash. This allows absorption by mucus membranes in the mouth.

45 Minutes later, repeat initial dose and procedure. The second dose is crucially important for success in killing 100% of all pathogens or viruses in your body!

The purpose of the second dose after 45 minutes is that the kill rate of pathogens levels off at about 90% after 0.7 Hours, or 42 minutes. The kill will only reach about 95% after 2 Hours. By using a second dose at approximately 45 minutes, a 100% kill rate will be achieved at about 1.1 Hours.

The pair of doses should be repeated every four hours for at least three days for optimum results.

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